Chocolate, Whiskey, and Tattoos…

One of my passions in life is amazing food.  A collection of my recipes, family traditions and other amazing things that have to do with food, whiskey and what you’ll find in my kitchen.  Traditionally speaking…its usually US who is in the kitchen.  He and I spend most of our time talking, prepping and enjoying time together in the kitchen.  

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Norlan Whiskey Glasses

I got these awesome Whisky glasses for Christmas from the Bearded One. They are unique and truly make sipping Jameson a different experience.

Advantages over existing Glasses

The casual drinker and aficionado alike commonly enjoy whiskey or bourbon in an “old- fashioned” tumbler, a wide open-brimmed glass intended for iced cocktails. Many connoisseurs prefer a narrower aperture of the brim, opting for a tasting (or nosing) glass—a stemmed tulip-shaped snifter that concentrates the aromas and allows for inspection of the spirit’s color without marking the glass’ bowl with fingerprints. 

We took these two preferences to heart and through an extensive process of analyzing fluid dynamics and flavor transfer, iterative design, and expert feedback, created an entirely new whiskey glass.


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