Rising from the ashes…a tattoo story

A new tattoo!! What possibly could go wrong? I mean, it’s not like its a permanent thing. Oh, wait…yeah, it is a permanent thing. Sure there are many advances in removal techniques for someone who gets a tattoo they may later regret, but that was not my course of action. We’ve all heard horror stories of a bad tattoo, a misspelled tattoo, and shoddy work. What do you do, when you become THAT story? I didn’t want to be one people look up on a tattoo fail website.
So, if you’re me you talk about the victory that comes out of it, and you respectfully inform others to do their research on an artist before they allow them to put the machine to the skin.

The concept for my tattoo was essential to me. After the transformation in my life, and my mother continually calling me a Phoenix, I knew that I wanted to get a Phoenix tattoo, but it was more than just the Phoenix. The change in my life is credited to faith and falling to my knees in prayer. Hence the Praying girl transforming into the Phoenix.

I found a local artist and began the process. The first artist I went to was, in my opinion, the least professional person I’ve ever met. Quite honestly I wanted to eviscerate him on social media but I’ve decided that instead of going into details and wasting my words on someone who doesn’t deserve any sort of recognition, I’m going to celebrate the artist who made the who process a spectacular true rise from the ashes story.

Bobby Malackanich, Jr. Castaway Tattoo in Butler PA
I met Bobby back in November. I showed up for the consultation nervous and embarrassed of the previous artists shoddy work. Why should I be embarrassed? I was nieve enough to allow someone to show up 45 minutes late for my appointment, didn’t have a drawing completed, waste 9 hours of my life, take payment in full despite only doing around 30 minutes of work. Then it turns out because of the constant distractions, and unclean workspace, I ended up with a staph infection that needed to be treated with antibiotics. Worst experience ever.

Bobby was so respectful when I arrived, he looked at the shoddy work of a fellow artist, gave me hope and we came up with a plan. I left feeling relief that I was in good hands. Tattoos are an experience that unless you’ve sat for a large piece, you honestly have no idea what it feels like to hear that noise, and get to the point where you want it to be over for the day because you just friggin hurt!
The other part of the experience is the conversation with the artist itself. Bobby and I hit it off like old friends when I showed up for my first session. Easy conversation allowed for hours of enjoyment that I nearly forgot I was being tattooed. He was so excited to watch the tattoo transform into the work of art it is now. I am beyond grateful for what he did, genuinely capturing and respecting the concept I had. Quality Tattoo artists are worth the drive, and I recommend you research your artists, ask friends for their opinions BEFORE you let someone put the machine to the skin. Bobby, I am grateful…I’m already planning the next one. I highly recommend Bobby! Please send him some love on his Instagram.

BEFORE: This was the amount of work completed after 9 hours at the first artists studio.
Credit to Bobby Malackanich at Castaway Tattoos in Butler PA

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